Is this normal for MSI P67 products?

Each time I put in my MSI P67 DVD, it freezes my system for 50-55 seconds only if left untouched. And the whole DVD autoplay app freezes even if I click program. I am only able to use it if its left untouched for 50-55 seconds and its still really laggy. Is this my DVD or does this have something to do with my motherboard?
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  1. You only need that disk ones so no worries, most likely the disk or the disk drive. If it is the drive then it would behave the same on all disks.
  2. I meant is it normal for MSI P67 driver DVDs? I am having some issues with the system aswell like random freezes, crashes etc
  3. No typically not. Have you gone through our troubleshooting guide?
  4. Just for clarification, my corsair vengeance memory module says that its tested on 1.5V only. Does that mean that I have to set the voltages manually in the BIOS? I have searched on the forums and found out that some P67 systems are having similar problems where voltages are not manually set to 1.5V for Corsair Vengeance memory. But my board voltage option only has 1.488V and 1.507V but not 1.500. Need help on this

    On auto it runs on only 1.488 or something
  5. Stick it at 1.507 that could be what is causing your problems. Usually overvolting a little is better than under.
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