E8400 overheating and computer shut downs

Hi folks,

I tried to find an answer to my problem but did not find it anywhere, so please forgive if a similar problem is posted elsewhere.

Here is my issue.

I have a E8400 processor overheating while playing Crysis 2 and, of course, my computer shuts down when the processor reaches about 100 degree C (after 5-15min of playing). I have monitored my temperature with SpeedFan (which I will post later on today) and it is always the same pattern: the processor starts around 40 deg then go up about 100 deg and shuts down the computer.

I knew that the thermal compound was poorly applied so I decided to re-apply it. I cleaned up the heatsink and CPU with isopropyl alcohol (99%) and a lens cloth and re-applied Arctic Silver 5 following artic silver instructions.

My computer is up and running again but is worst than before. Yes the temperature rises slowerly and is more stable but instead of shuting down around 100 deg, it shuts down around 70 deg now...

I checked and the mounting is fine, pins are well pushed in, there is no dust anywhere.

Anybody has an idea on what it could be?

Thanks a lot!

CPU E8400 not OC'd
MoBo P5Q-Pro
RAM 4Gig
Video Card ATI HD4850
PSU 900W
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  1. Sounds like your using stock cooling or a case with bad air circulation.

    For instant results, fit a couple of case fans, on in front and one rear of cpu and replace the heatsink switch the hyper212+, will drop your temps like a stone.
  2. Thanks for the reply das_stig.

    Yes I am using the stock cooling but I do have a couple extra fans in my case.

    I know I could drop the temperature with a better cooling unit but I was trying to avoid bying new stuff and I still do not understand how the Tjunction "seemed to have dropped" from 100 deg to around 70 deg.
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