Antec BP550 Plus 550W or COOLER MASTER Silent Pro M600

Both are around the same price after rebates.

The Cooler Master has 50w more, and has a 5 year warranty
It also has a 1 rail, while the antec has 3.

The antec has a 3 year warranty.

I heard that the antec is better and that cooler master is a bad brand for PSUs, but the reviews for the cooler master look good too, so I am not sure.

This is the build I am going to use it for.
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  1. I would take the Cooler Master. There are no question marks about the quality of the Silent Pro M range, unlike some of Cooler Master's other PSU lines.
  2. Cooler Master lacks consistency when it comes to power supplies. But their silent pro range units are very good. And in this case, it is certainly the better product. My vote too for the CM unit here.
  3. what about that one. its a seasonic design i believe and rates very well in reviews.
  4. That one seems good in ratings, but it is not modular.
    I was just wondering, has anyone bought any cooler master products with rebates?
    Because I do not want to buy it if I never get the rebate, because in the past, many times I do not get the money back from the rebate.

    I hope Cooler Master is not a company like that, because I wont buy it for $100 unless I get the rebate.
  5. What kind CF card with 650W PSU .. ? Hd6950 or above ? Or midle range like HD 6770 / 6850 ?
    You need calculation again with power needed CF card
  6. Well i vote for the cm, that edition is pretty good. I was actually looking at the the same exact ones until i stumbled on:

    This is 775W Single Rail :D and it's $70 after rebates... Pretty good AND It's Modular...

    And I'm pretty sure that Thermaltake is in the top 5 PSU manufacturers....

    It's only 1% away from 80+ silver, but ohwell it's bronze :P 89% effiency which is very very good imo for the price....

    I'm really leaning towards the Tt >.> just a suggestion....
  7. hey, I was looking at that tpx-775m also.
    But what took me away from thinking about it is that, even though it is $70, If I were to buy it, it would be atleast over $85 because of tigerdirect's shipping and tax. And no local computer stores.
    But yea, I really, really liked that one too.

    So far I am going to get the cooler master, but I am still hoping that someone can tell me their experience with cooler master rebates...It would make me a lot more comforatable...
    I also seen some awesome reviews about the CM.

    I only want to get a modular power supply. If I didnt mind, then I would have got this:
    It is $69
  8. Look at what I just saw:
    850w for $50?

    It seems very good by the reviews that I found on google.
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