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i am planning on building a new computer for BF3. since it will not be released until Nov. or later, my question is simple: do the "experts" here think it is better to purchase parts and build a computer now in the current market? or shall i wait it out for a few months until BF3 release date is closer?

basically, does the state of the current market dictate moving forward now or waiting it out for possible price drops and/or new parts, etc?

just trying to get an idea on the consensus...

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  1. I would definitely wait, there are quite a few exciting things coming out between now and November
  2. I second the wait idea. Prices are always shifting, especially in the ultra competitive graphics market.
  3. Without a doubt, wait till Nov. Prices will drop, and you will see better hardware.
  4. z68 bulldozer sandybridge-e maybe
  5. I agree with waiting, but in the meantime "build" a PC on paper, then read reviews for each part to figure out the things you should be looking for.

    There are some basic points to be aware of:
    1) A modern $200 CPU has enough processing power for about TWO high-end single-GPU graphics cards. Don't go crazy on an expensive CPU. I'd spend no more than $300.

    2) The noise and cooling solution on a graphics card is very important.

    3) Decide if NVidia has solutions like PhysX or CUDA which you desire. If I was buying today it might be a GTX 560Ti.

    4) a quality power supply is VERY important. Spend some time reading about that. Antec and Corsair are two good names. There are others.

    5) Computer cases really vary. Personally I'd just get the Antec 300.

    6) I recommend either 4GB or 8GB of RAM, no more. The 8GB only provides a very small benefit over 4GB in multi-tasking. The only game benefit may be a reduced initial loading time.

    7) SSD. It's worth it. I recommend a 120GB OCZ Vertex 2. The Vertex 3 is 2x faster but more expensive. Personally I don't think it's worth it.

    8) HDD. I recommend a 1TB of 2TB Western Digital. Either Green or Black. If you get an SSD you'll want to install your games to your hard drive by manually choosing the startup folder. I have this setup for Steam and non-Steam games. Steam only requires that you initially designate the folder once and it's all automatic after that.

    "E:\Games...", and

    9) Which version of Windows? There's almost no debate:
    "Windows 7 Premium 64-bit OEM"

    *If you have a Western Digital hard drive installed you can use their free version of Acronis True Image to make backups of your C-Drive. I STRONLY urge you to do so after you initially install and Activate Windows, then later on again with updates etc installed. Make periodic images.
  6. i appreciate the replies. i have built PC's before and i am pretty versed in researching parts, etc. i'll sit tight and when BF3 is closer, i'll pull the trigger. THANKS ALL!!!
  7. I would also say wait... At the rate that graphic cards and processors are going down in price by the time November rolls around you will be able to get a lot more bang for your buck.
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