Antec TP 650W or FSP Epsilon 600W??Need Quick Suggestion

I am going to buy a new supply and I just can't make up my mind, Out of so many options I have narrowed it down to antec true power 650 watts(slightly used but in very good condition) and FSP Epsilon 600watts(new).
Which one is better and why?
Both have quad +12v rails. I don't need SLI right now and My specs are as follows:

Intel Core2Quad Q9400 @ 3.4Ghz
Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3R
Nvidia Gforce GTS250 (will be upgraded to GTX 460 soon)
Seagate 500GB Sata
DVD Writer + DVD ROM
4GB Gskill 1066 Bus RAM
Hyper 212 Plus with Dual Fans
4 Casing Fans 120mm

Please tell me which one is better.
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  1. I like Antec units over FSP mostly. But since the one in query here is a second hand unit, I would like to know the price you are being asked for either of those. And also, are those your only options?
  2. Yes these are my only options, Corsair is too expensive here, some other good brands like seasonic,PC P&C or xfx are not available here.
    FSP Epsilon for about 70$ and Antec True Power for 62$.
  3. Ok. Well either can handle your needs pretty well. I still like the Antec unit more here.
  4. I would say get the Antec but what about warranty? The FSP is reasonable quality and comes with warranty.
  5. you can run that setup with a 450w psu, you dont need a 600w.
  6. Ok, So how about Antec NEO-High Efficiency 550W PSU? I am getting it at a good price, is it a good PSU?
  7. sure, that will do the trick.
  8. I'm a big Antec fan myself and would pick it over most other brands any day. And yes, a 550W will be more than sufficient for your needs.
  9. Just found out that Antec NEO HE has really short cables mainly the 12v ATX cable, which will be unable to reach the motherboard in my CM690 II Plus casing. :-(
  10. if the antec trupower has a receipt to go with it for warranty purposes, then get it, otherwise avoid it. Just get something from antec, corsair, seasonic, ocz or xfx that is 450w or greater and has cables the length you need, you cant really go wrong with that advice.
  11. I think I would get the Antec Truepower New TPN-650, if it is in good working condition and not worry about the warranty. Do you trust the person selling it to you? Have they told you why they are getting rid of it?
    If you get satisfactory answers to these and other questions, then it's a good buy IMO.
  12. Yes the person is reliable, have done many other deals and has a good trading score on the site from where I have been buying most of the used and rare stuff which is not available in the local market.

    Although I am too leaning towards antec TP 650w PSU but here is another option, someone suggested me this Xigmatek NRP-PC 602 600watt supply. How is that?
  13. Not bad, not bad at all. I wouldn't turn it down.
  14. Silvune said:
    Not bad, not bad at all. I wouldn't turn it down.

    Was that comment about Xigmatek??
  15. Yes indeed.
  16. Well, in the end I bought a used corsair 650TX in a very good condition, corsair is very good in my opinion but the new one was very expensive so I think I got lucky with this one as it is in very good condition.

    Thanks everyone for your suggestions.
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