Recommend graphic card for a rig

I am looking to buy a graphic card for gaming purposes.My config is
Core2DUo E6300 @ 1.86GHz
Intel 946GZ motherboard
2GB DDR2 667Mhz ram
Resolution 1920x1280

read here that HD5750 and GTS 250 are a good buy for the above specs.I am looking into getting a decent card which can play games in medium settings.Although many have asked the same question i want to get a card which will be good enough for the config not for now but for another year or so and that which is not heavy on the pocket.
Kindly send in your views and reviews

Welcome any views regarding this.
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  1. actually my config support max 667MHZ ram ...... :(
    i am not thinking of upgrading the config as that requires a complete overhaul..

    Kindly suggest a solution so that i can get to play current games with med setting in a decent fps.
  2. thanks for the info
    but i think the reuirements you are talking about are for single core CPU's i.e 3ghz.
    Core2Duo has two processors @1.86Ghz so overall performance is good than a 3ghz PC
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