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any suggestions for a case and a 750W power supply? My build will be: Asus P8Z68-V, i5 2500K, 8gb of G Skill DDR3, 2 WD hard drive, 1 dvd writer. Usage: desktop use... internet, hd videos, video encoding and maybe a little bit of gaming but not very much. I will possibly overclock.

CASE: I would like to find a case that is well ventilated and does not look weird. I was thinking at the Antec 300.

PSU: I know I don't really need 750W for that machine but I want to be able to add a graphic card later on and possibly 1 or 2 HDs. I don't want to limit my build because of a power supply.

I saw the following power supply:

Antec 750W Earthwatts 100$ CAD -
Antec 750W High current Gamer 95$ CAD -
Antec 750W Earthwatts Green 101$ CAD -

What is the difference between those 3 in term of quality and reliability... The gamer serie is cheaper than the other ones... I thought it would be more expensive just because it says gamer on it hehehe. The only thing I see is the gamer and Green are 80 Plus Bronze and the normal Earthwatts is modular...

Thanks for the advices and suggestions are more than welcome! :)
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  1. Unless and until you have plans of buying a couple of video cards or a single ultra high end video card, you do not need any more than 500 watts of power. Take a look at the XFX Core Edition PRO550 power supply. Its a plenty good unit at a very decent price.

    The Antec 300 is a good choice.
  2. You didn't list a graphic card in your setup so it's safe to assume you don't have one yet. Let's use the 560 ti as the standard. That graphic card will eat up 300W full load. If you add in the system in full load, it will be around 450W [assuming your system is power hungry]. The 6950 [contender the 560 ti] has less power consumption. So 500W is enough if you want to use a good graphic card along with a overclocked setup. This pretty much proves Emperus point. Adding another 560 ti will probably eat up 175W. Unless you plan to crossfire or sli, you won't need the 700W psu. Side note: GTX 580 and HD 6970 will need at least 600W to power your whole system. Seasonic makes good PSU. Corsair CX series [v1] are the better ones because v2 dropped in quality. Antec HCG series are affordable PSU with good build quality, stable electrical performance and decent efficiency. They brought their high standards at budget prices. All of these are good PSU. I looked up review sites myself before I post.

    600W PSU:
    Corsair CX600 $65 [Don't get CX600 V2]

    620W PSU:
    Antec High Current Gamer 620W $67

    650W PSU:
    XFX PRO650W $76 [Manufactured by Seasonic]

    Antec Earthwatts Green 650W $76
  3. Well I guess that I will go for something around 600-650W and I will save 25-30$ :)

    So that's nice.
    Antec 300 55$
    Antec High Current Gamer 620W 67$

    TOTAL: 122$

    Same price as the Antec Sonata III at 123$ that I wanted to buy at the beginning. More power and no front panel (I don't really like that).

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