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Retrieve Data From a Toshbia 1.8" ZIF Hard Drive

I have a Sony DCR-SR200 camcorder and it has died and I cannot get it powered up but I am really interested in getting the data (i.e. video clips) off the camcorder.

I was wondering if I removed the ZIF hard drive how would I go about connecting it to a PC to remove the data or video files?
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    I just ordered this: StarTech IDE1810U2Z Aluminum 1.8" USB 2.0 External Hard Drive Enclosure for LIF/ZIF HDD

    I will try it when it comes and post the success or failure - hopefully the hard drive isn't ruined and I'll be able to access the video file.

    Thanks for your help.
  3. you are welcome

    hopefully your drives fine and you get your files
  4. Thanks again for all your help - everything worked great and I was able to retrieve all my information - camera still does not work but hey I guess I now have a 40GB flash drive?!
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  6. I have a sort of similar problem with a different twist. My Sony HDR-SR1 did not die but it cannot access the 30 gig Toshiba MK3008GAL hard drive that has a ribbon connection that I believe is called ZIF. I am getting a HDD formatting error. I definitely did not try to format the drive and I don't think it could have formatted itself while I was trying to film my granddaughters dance competition but whatever happened will not allow me to use it. I have not tried to record or reformat or anything because I have some irreplaceable stuff on it i.e. maybe 5 gig worth. My desktop does not recognize that the camera is connected. So even if I bought the USB device to connect the drive directly to the computer do you think that it would recognize the damaged drive so that I could try to retrieve the movies?
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