Random Shutting down

I have been dealing with a problem with my computer for 1-2 months now. I cannot seem to find the solution and have tried many things. Every now and again, Almost at set intervals (Happens a almost same interval for certain days then switches the next), My Video card (NVidia 295 GTX)'s Red Light turns on. This light is normaly Green. This normaly means a power failure or temp shutdown. The computer stays on though, The fans still keep going but it seems everything else shuts down. I have found that my temps seem to be fine at the time of shutdown.

Ultra X3 (1000W)
NVidia 295
Intel i7 950 CPU
8GB (4X2GB) 1600MHz DDR3 (Default at 1600)
Some generic HDD and CD Drive

I have had the 295 and the PSU for a while now (1-2 years). The CPU is pretty new though. Does anyone have anything I can try or anything that may be going wrong? I don't have a spare PSU that will work in my system. (It's very power hungry)
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  1. Sorry for bump but, No one has any clue? Please, This has been bugging me for a while now...

    EDIT: I seem to have narrowed it down to either MB, PSU, or HDD
    The MB is almost new, Wasn't showing problems when I got it. Things started happening about 2-3 months after. HDD and PSU I have had for a while. Could the HDD be the cause? If not, I will have to look into some how checking the PSU.
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