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I have just build my first video editing computer. So far everything's been good, but I seem to have run into one snag.

I have a LiteOn Blu Ray burner which, in my old computer, would burn a full Blu Ray disc in 20 minutes. In this computer, it takes over an hour to burn a half full Blu-Ray Disc. Please note that this is not through windows explorer but through Sony DVD architect Pro.

I have an ASUS Z68 Deluxe MB. I have plugged the Disc Drive into different SATA ports with no success. I have it plugged into the ports designated for optical drives. There are no firmware upgrades for this drive and everything else is up to date.

One thing that is weird is that it sounds like the drive starts and stops burning rather than burning consistently all the way through. I did not have any trouble with the drive when I used it to install windows. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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  1. What type of cpu do you have? If you went from say a quad core to a dual core it would affect the performance of such things.
  2. I actually went from a Core2Duo to an Intel i7.... This new system is at least 12 times faster than my old one, which is why this baffles me.
  3. Well this is weird.... it burns very quickly from windows explorer... it must be something to do with my software.
  4. Okay... So I was wrong. Windows' estimate was all wrong. It was going to be an hour instead of 7 minutes. Any ideas?
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