Seeking opinions on Z77 motherboards

Now that Ivy is only a week away I'm looking to upgrade from my Phenom II (which will be going to my HTPC and I will officially be retiring some Core 2 Duo hardware that's been in use for nearly 6+ years).

I've been eyeing EVGA's Z77 FTW board but that's an XL-ATX board but my case doesn't support it so now I have to go to plan B - I've been looking at Gigabyte's Z77-UD3H, Asus' P8Z77-V and Asrock's Z77 Extreme 6 - does anyone have any opinions on these boards? I'm looking to spend around the $150 - $200 range. All I need is motherboard and CPU.
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  1. I'm waiting for more reviews but, I plan on going with Gigabyte's Z77-UD5 or maybe 3. The Asus and Asrock mobos are probably fine too.

    I have a thread on the z77 boards here

    and here
  2. Yeah but I don't use Newegg as my only source for reviews - that's never a good idea. I'm leaning more toward the Gigabyte and Asrock boards.
  3. The Z77-UD5 has an awesome power handling section. It'll probably be the next board I get.
  4. I'm leaning toward the Gigabyte since my last two boards have been and I've had great success with them - I have v
    the UD3P and it rocks. I'm certainly not opposed to trying ASrock though.
  5. I have used Gigabyte and Asrock recently.
    Gigabyte are my preferred board of choice, however if there was a good deal on an Asrock I would definitely consider it.
    I am pretty much in the same boat as you and have decided after pricing up that a new PC with probably a sandy bridge chip for a start works out much more viable than upgrading my AMD set up.

    I'm going to wait a while for reviews though as it may pay to go with a Z68 board and Sandy bridge if they are cheaper. I figure there may be price drops ?
    I don't really know what the main advantages of the new boards are but I am keeping options open at the moment even though I do feel that I will end up with a fully featured Z77 or Z75 board.
    just depends on reviews really.

    Mactronix :)
  6. I ordered my i5-3570K yesterday and got a really killer deal on it, I'm still torn between the Asrock and Gigabyte boards. I think I'm dead set on getting the Extreme 4 but the Z77X-UD3H is looking more and more tempting.
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