Should I get another HD5850 for CF?

I'm going to get a new PC, since my old one is starting to show it's age. I already have an HD5850, but the rest of the parts are going to be replaced. My question is if I should get another HD5850 and use it in CF with my old card? Is a 750W corsair PSU enough if I chose CF?
I'm going to get a Phenom II x6 1100T.
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  1. I would say that PSU will be fine. Corsair are one of the best PSU brands and always sustainably deliver what they promise in terms of wattage.

    Two 5850's will be potent, maybe a fraction under the capability of a 5970.

    May i ask why you are getting the 1100T? Why not look at a quad core Intel setup?
  2. Well, I've been using intel for a long time, and I like the price/performance of the newer AMD chips. Also I'd like to get a sandy bridge system, but it seems like there won't be coming any motherboards out with the fixed chipset before next month or so. Would you recommend an I5/I7? Price is important, I'm a student ;)
  3. That's fair enough, with gaming you never need anything more than a quad core though. So if you want to go with AMD, go with a BE Phenom II. I understand where you're coming from in terms of finances too, i was there at one point lol.

    In terms of performance and OC-ability, nothing trumps Intel to be honest, but AMD provide some really good budget based builds.

    Saying that, even Nehalem based builds (original I5) will still be incredibly potent today. The I5 760 costs around $200, couple that with a decent enough motherboard from Gigabyte or Asus and you'll soon be on your way to a decently OC'd CPU driving those two 5850's.

    I won't go on any more about the actual rig itself, but OT i'd say your PSU will be able to handle two 5850's fine.
  4. Yep a Corsair 650W psu will run two 5850's so you're fine.
  5. Thanks for the quick response :) Are there any better options than another HD5850 performance wise? The card is pretty cheap these days!
  6. @Davcon should I skip the 750W and get the 650W instead?
  7. The 5870? Haha!

    I'm not too sure to be honest, i'd honestly say you are well set with the 5850's. Unless of course you want to sell your existing 5850 and purchase a 6950 / 6970. Newer generation card, double memory, single GPU solution so no crossfire hassle.

    On the Nvidia side, a GTX 560 or 570 would also be a good choice.
  8. A GTX 570 is more than twice the price of a HD5850, and the GTX 560 is about a 100$ more. Danish pricing ftw ;)
  9. Hows the 6950 / 6970 looking? Otherwise go with another 5850 as you originally thought.
  10. 6950 is about a 100$ more as well, 6970 almost 300$ more :) I guess I will be sticking to my original plan!
  11. Haha yeah seems best.
  12. Thanks man ! :)
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