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Hey everyone. I need help selecting a graphic card, for my nephew, who is in school for making video games. I am trying to surprise him, with a computer, and was wondering what you guys would suggest for a graphics card(s). I am not sure what tools he uses, but I remember hearing him say he was developing stuff for xbox live. Also, I think I did hear that he used the unreal engine 3, and Torque.

Here are the parts that I have, so far. Understand that some of these parts are left over from other systems that I built, and I am using them to cut cost.

I7 (950)
Asus Sabertooth X58
X2 Acer 1080p monitors
1TB Western Digital HD
6gb ddr3 1600 Ram
Thermaltake Toughpower 1000w PSU

Thanks in advance, for any advice you guys can provide. I am just really unfamiliar with the tools he will be using, and not sure If I should just get. I am open to both AMD and Nvidia. I just want to help him out, since he is using a P4 processor right now.
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    Will your nephew be playing games on this computer or is it solely for development work?

    If he's playing games then i'd suggest something like the 6970 / GTX 580, if not then he could probably get away with a 6850 / GTX 460.
  2. With the components you have you have in there, anything under a GTX 560 or a Radeon 6870 would be an injustice.

    But for usability and even some pretty good gaming, any card from the link will do. Just the lower and mid stuff will be under the capabilities of the system. Something else to keep in mind, see if he may need to use a pro level card for his work like a FireGL or a Quadro class card.,2857-4.html
  3. Thank you for the reply guys. I really appreciate the advice. From what I gather, he will be using this solely for development. With that said, and the fact that I have 3 monitors, will 1 6970/ gtx 580 work? Or will I have to Crossfire/Sli them to work?
  4. yeah ..maybe you should look into a Pro card (Quadro / Fire GL) ..I'm not so familiar with them ..but one of those cards would play games bout as well as GTS460 but as far as 3D modeling and Dec work is concerned its supposed to be the best ..not 100% if its apt in this situation ..why don't you just directly ask him ..i don't think he's gonna suspect anything ..just act curious bout his Job ..
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  6. Thanks again. I guess I am just over thinking this, as he is running a P4 right now. I will do some more research on the Pro cards. I guess the kid who has the best computer, in his class has a Nvidia gtx 465, So I think 1 570 should be enough, at least. I looked up the requirements and he should be fine...just worried about multiple monitors, but I can figure that out later. Thank you for answering such a poor question.
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