What Drivers to Install for Z68 Extreme3 Gen3.


I'm confused as to, do I need all these drivers? If not which ones do I need?
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  1. Any ideas?
  2. your need to first download the intel inf update. the newest version on intel web page. then reboot. on reboot you need to install the video drivers if your using the onboard video and or the video drivers for your video card.
    your need the sound card drivers for the onboard sound and the drivers for the nic port on the mb.
    if you dont have and ssd you dont need the intel rapid storage driver. you need the use 3.0 driver.
    you may need the lucid driver.
  3. If this order, and the latest one form the mobo website.

    1. chipset
    2. MS.NET update (if you have it on mobo drive cd)
    3. storage - intel rapid storage tech, even if not in RAID.
    4. video- onboard, discrete, then Lucid Virtu, and monitor
    5. audio - onboard or card
    6. LAN
    7. USB (3.0)
    8. Input devices - keyboard and mouse, if you have special ones
    9. Printer
    10. Intel Management Engine - something or other
    11. Any motherboard Utlitites you may want, like Bluetooth, Firewire, eSATA, other SATA controllers.

    Only install drivers for thing you'll use, else disable them in the BIOS.

    Then start with all the Windows Updates, before you start installing programs.
  4. Stupid question, which driver is the chip set?
  5. Is would be something like the Intel 6 Series, or X58 chipset driver.

    Try the Intel website for a more detailed description/name. Here is the page: Intel Download Center
  6. Intel x58 Express chipset?
  7. K I found it. How do I get this MS.NET update?
  8. Only if you have it on the motherboard driver cd, istall before iRST.
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