ATI HD6000 series refresh rate fixed >60 or 85hz?

The ATI HD5000 series cars have a max refresh rate of 85hz, and if the resolution is a multiple of 16x9, it's locked at 60hz, due to a bug in the video cards.

This is an issue for CRT monitors, some of which run up to 160hz rate, but mostly they 'prefer' 85hz, and need 75hz or so to keep from flickering. Some LCD monitors now run at 120hz.

Are these issues fixed in the ATI HD6000 series?
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  1. I borrowed a HD6950 video card. Seems the problem is solved. Max rate seems to be 140hz, which is good enough. Tried 1280x720, and was able to run at 85hz, so it looks like the HD5000 issues were fixed, at least in this video card.

    On a side note, the HD6950 was only about 10% faster than my current HD4870 at 1280x960 with no AA (using CRT monitor). GPU speed only increased from 750mhz to 800mhz, and although the memory speed went from 900mhz to 1250mhz, apparently the main bottleneck is the GPU.
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