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I5 2500k with all 4 cores at 90%

I've only had this processor for about 3 months so I don't really know if this is normal. While rendering HD videos in Sony Vegas Pro 10, is it normal for all of the cores to be running between 90 and 95%? According to the Intel CPU Usage Desktop Widget for Windows 7.

Any help is very much appreciated, Thanks
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    Yes! That's what the CPU is there for :) :) Most rendering/encoding programs are optimized to be massively parallel, i.e. built to be scalable and run on tens, hundreds, or thousands of cores. So this is a good sign--unless you're having heat or noise issues.

    This is old, but just to give you an idea of how much the CPU does:
  2. Keep an eye on you temperatures, but for video encoding this is exactly what you want. All the cores pulling their weight means the job gets done faster.
  3. ^+1 with cuecuemore .. vegas rendering 10 rendering use 100% CPU , and vegas 9 use GPU
  4. It is very normal for rendering to call upon all cores of your computer, 4 cores all running at once will get the job done much quicker than 2 cores at 100% or 4 cores at 50%.

    If your doing other tasks at the same time and the CPU usage is causing an issue, there's usually a way to limit the CPU usage so rendering doesn't hinder other tasks. Although obviously this will then increase the render time aswell.
  5. Wow, thank you everyone so much for the quick responses. As for the temps, I've never hit over 55c doing anything so I know that's fine.

    Thank you all!
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  7. Yeah temps your good for anything up to about 70 degree's without it even catching your attention. 55 is about ideal :)
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