Minimun requirement for htpc

hi all...i want to build htpc with minimum budget. i already have a 32' lcd monitor with 1920x1080 pixels
can you all give me advice.... :bounce:
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  1. What do you consider a minimum budget?

    Also, we need more details about what you want/need:
    DVD playback?
    Blu-ray playback?
    Bitstream HD audio?
    Record live TV? Antenna, cable, satellite?
    Store a large library of media files? How much storage is needed?
    Stream Netflix?
    Do you want it to look like A/V equipment?
    Do you want to control it with a remote? Wireless keyboard?
    Play games?
    Extreme silence needed? (for example, in a bedroom)
    Do you have a Windows 7 license or are you willing to try Linux?
    Any parts you already have to use in the build?
  2. hi...
    yes i want to record live tv from cable
    and want to have blu ray and i want to play games...
    i need 2 TB
    yeah sure...i need silence..
    i have windows 7 license
    i already have samsung blu ray rom
    i need tv tuner and cpu, motherboard and vga
    can you give me advice the minimum budget...
    i only do light gaming though
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  4. thank you skullcrusher...ur so nice :)
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