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Ok, so finally my Motherboard detected my my HDD although now when I turn my computer on it starts off normally then goes to 'Starting Windows' (Win7) but then it just reboots and continues to do so, im getting really frustrated not knowing what is happening so any advice would be appreciated, Im using a 640gb hdd (dont know make) and a p8z68 pro. The HDD was from my old computer and is about 3 years old, could this be an issue? I have refurbished all my computer except the HDD. :( :( do i need to replace my HDD?
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  1. If you boot from the Windows 7 install disc, does it see your drive?
  2. You've wiped your old HDD completely before installing into ur pc?
  3. Press F8 before Windows starts and select " Disable automatic restart" or similar.
    The you'll get a nice blue screen with lots of text. Concentrate on the one with 0x000 etc and post it here.
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