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Dell Inspiron N5010 no graphics card

Hi, sorry if im posting this in the wrong section. I bought the laptop not so long ago, it doesnt have a graphics card. But i have seen searching on the net that some people have the the n5010 which has the ati mobility graphics card. Is it possible that it can be put in my laptop?
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  1. You can't add in GPU's to a laptop, they're built in. You only have whatever is already built into the laptop.
  2. Did you buy this new. If so it should of had a graphics card in it. If its burnt out you can replace it but its a major pain in the butt. You also would have to find the card that was offered with it originally or as an option.
    Laptop graphics are pretty expensive also but you may be able to find one on ebay or get one from dell but that would cost even more.
    There are several articles around about replacing them. Just look through some laptop forums and you can probably fine a guide.
    I found out this is the gpu ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5470 .
    If you just got it from dell and it quit working call them and get ot fixed.
  3. most laptops u cant change the graphic card, especially if its adell,

    if ur laptop isnt having issues i wouldnt worry about it, if it doesnt display anything i might bring it back or in for repairs,
  4. Yes i bought it new, about 2 months ago. No it doesnt have a graphics card with it
    :( . What about external graphics cards? is there such a thing for laptops?
  5. Well there have been talk of external cards but none realy came about.
    If you bought it 2 months ago and it was supposed to have video which it should I would be contacting Dell support.
    I didn't even think you could order one with out video.
  6. Maybe not all models of n5010 had graphics card? or maybe i need a driver for it or something, i checked in devices and printers and i didnt see a display adapter in the list.
  7. How do you know for sure it has no video card? Is the video just not working?
    Have you had it apart?
    Is there no dvi connector on the back either?
  8. I dont know :-s can you suggest a way i can find out? I think theres no graphics card coz theres no radeon label on the laptop
  9. I dont see a dvi connector on the back. Sorry for double posting. Also when i go to resolution, in display it says : Generic PnP monitor on Standard VGA graphics adapter. If it had a graphics card it should say its name there right?
  10. It might have the intel graphics with it from looking at the dell site you can't order on with out graphics. If you can see your monitor to check the devices you have a graphics card it just may not be the ati one.
    Go to the control panel click on system and security, then after there click on system after there listed on the left it will say device manager. look at that list it should say display adaptor. click on that it will tell you what you have.
    It may just have the intel video adaptor not the ati
  11. Yes, under the displayer adapters it says " standard VGA graphics adapter ". The graphics card is so basic it cant even use win7 aero effects :(
  12. Yep Id say you have the intel adaptor so your ok. It may not be as fast as the ATI but at least you have one and know it works.
    You at least have a whole working system though. i'm glad we got that figured out though i was starting to get worried there for a bit.
  13. I read somewhere that windows loads the standard vga graphics adapter when it cannot find a driver for the chipset. How can i know what chipset my laptop has so i can download the driver for it.
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    Your paper work from dell should tell you exactly what was ordered you can then go to the dell website and look for a driver for your model or laptop. Also you should have gotten a blue disk with the system that says drivers and utilitys or some thing like that on it. It should have your graphics driver on it.
  15. Alright, thanks.
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  17. Hmm also you can down load a program called gpuz that will tell you what you have also video wise.. And there is a program called CPUz that will tell you about your system also such as mother board , memory chip speed things like that.
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