Gtx 560Ti AMP Edition vs. Radeon 6950 2GB

which ones better ..they're both at around the same price point ..but I read somewhere that the 560Ti specifically the AMP edition is better than the Radeon 6950 2GB ..i wanna know which ones better ..
i play ..
1. Bad Company 2
2. Metro 2033
3. Black Ops
4. Modern Warfare 1 & 2
5. Dirt 2
6. Hot Pursuit
7. Command and Conquer 3
8. Warhammer
9. Battleforge
10. Assassins Creed
11. Age of Empires 3
12. Total War
13. GRID
14. Spiderman Web of Shadows
15. Unreal Tournament 3 and 2k4
16. PoP series
17. Battlefield 3 (when it comes out)
18. Hawx
19. Dead Space series
20. Batman Arkham Asylum (maybe)
21. ArmA
22. CS Source
23. Starcraft 2
24. Aion
25. Guild Wars 2
26. CoD World at War
27. Battlefield 2142
28. Beowolf
29. Splinter Cell Series
30. Dragon Age Series
31. Mass Effect 1 & 2
32. Bioshock 1 & 2
33. Prototype
34. Mafia 2
(Long list I know :P)
so which ones better for me ..I'm building a whole new rig ill just get the required components later on ..
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  1. The Zotac GTX 560 Ti AMP! is better than the 6950, and performs closer to the 6970. You also list several games that significantly favor Nvidia cards, and you list several PhysX games (UT3, Metro 2033, Mafia 2, Batman: Arkham Asylum), so this should be a slam dunk for the GTX 560. (By the way, this goes for any GTX 560 that comes clocked at 900-950 mhz or above, not just the AMP! card.)

  2. what if i flash the card into a 6970 and OC it further ..wouldn't it outperform the ocd 560 then ..?
  3. I have both cards and can easily say that 6950modded to 6970 beats
    gtx560ti overclocked

    i can say that

    950mhz 6950@70 is a bit faster than gtx560ti 1000mhz
  4. You would lose PhysX and Nvidia preference for many of those games. You can also overclock the GTX 560, and Nvidia cards have better scaling when overclocking due to the fact that the shader speed is set at 2X the core speed, while AMD shaders are clocked at 1X the clock speed.
    Looking at that Guru3d review of the Gigabyte GTX 560 SOC @ 1000 mhz:

    Load Temperatures
    SOC: 60c
    6970: 80c
    6950: 79c

    Noise Levels
    SOC: 38 Dba
    6970: 42 Dba
    6950: 42 Dba

    Avg. fps across all benchmarks (includes two overclocked 6950 benchmarks)
    SOC: 77 fps
    6970: 75 fps
    6950: 71 fps

    3D Mark Vantage
    SOC: 21,953
    6970: 21,419
    6950: 20,657

    And benchmarks from some of your favorite games:

  5. huh .. it beats the 6970 at bc2 ..??? ..i thought whemian said that a modded 6950 us better than an ocd 560 ..??
  6. If you need any more convincing check out all the threads complaining about the latest Catalyst 11.2 drivers. But for me, you just don't even need to go past the PhysX issue. You play PhysX games, end of debate.
  7. A GUY who uses gtx580 would obviously recommend gtx560.
    i am using both amd and nvidia cards so i know which one is better value.
    had gtx480sli inmy final high end nvidia build now gtx560..

    anyway 6950moded to 6970and overclocked to 950mhz will beat gtx560 1gz
    in most of the games. you should know this matto17secs. dont compare stock
    6950to 1gz gtx560.
  8. Just to toss in some confusion, stock vs stock the 6950 tends to be better according to anandtech
  9. Batman: Arkham Asylum

    Don't get me wrong, I like PhysX. That's why I have a GT240 to run it. But when you look at the list (linked) of games that run it, it's hardly worth consideration.
  11. wolfram23 said:

    Don't get me wrong, I like PhysX. That's why I have a GT240 to run it. But when you look at the list (linked) of games that run it, it's hardly worth consideration.

    Except that he listed a bunch of games, and several that do run PhysX. Even if you only play one of those games, and all else is comparable, you have to have something to tilt the scales.
  12. unreal 3 and metro 2033 are the only games up there with Physx that I'd be playing a lot ..metro is arguably the most demanding game available now but it runs at 40 fps at max settings on a 6950 (correct me if I'm wrong) which is enough ..ut3 would have a frame of 170-190 on a 6950 at full HD and max settings ..which is wat more than what i need ..the games i really love playing are bc2, ut3, hot pursuit, cnc3, and battlefield 3 (when it comes out) :)
  13. I cannot really argue, the GTX 560 Ti AMP! edition looks to be the better performer. COME ON AMD, BE GOOD LIKE YOU USED TO BE!!!!!!!!!!! (not that AMD is bad, I still prefer them in most cases, just not as good as they could be)
  14. Btw, when you unlock and OC a hd6950, you CANNOT beat the value!!!! I would go for the hd6950. But the stock hd6950 vs. the GTX 560 Ti AMP! edition, the hd6950 loses.
  15. yup ..imagine if I unlock the 6950 into a 6970 and then of that to 1gig would pwn the AMP ..wouldn't it ..?
  16. Yes, it would destroy the AMP!. Although, keep in mind that if you do unlock it, it will not OC like crazy. To unlock you may need to raise the voltage a little higher anyway. If you a OC after that, who knows, maybe you wouldn't even need to raise voltages, but you may need more voltage. The reason for this is because the hd6970 a a 6 and 6+2 pin connectors which gives it extra power.
  17. yeah ..agreed wouldn't scale well ..but it would still be better than the 560 amp ..
    didfficult choice though ..if i were to get the 560 ..i think I'd pass on the amp ..get a regular 560 and then OC it ..that way I'd save some $$ ..
  18. Btw, scaling is when you use two cards, not one. SO it would 'scale' just fine. Grab a hd6950, unlock, and OC as far as possible and it will blow the GTX 560 Ti from price to performance out of the water. hd6950 = better performance for the same price.
  19. fine ..scale wasnt the right word ..wasn't sure what word to use exactly ..the overclocking benefits you be from a 560 is supposedly more than from a 6950 ..that's what i meant ..
  20. Oh, I see what you meant now. Although, if you unlocked and O.C.ed a hd6950, it would be like a SUPER!!!!!!!!!! OC.
  21. yup ..its like getting a 6970 "amp" equivilant for the price if a 6950 ..almost a 100$ saved ..
  22. It would be pretty darn good. So, have you made up your mind?????
  23. yup ..6950 ..
    I'm getting a new rig ..a 500w PSU wont be enough if i mod into a 6970 would it ..I'd need maybe 550-600w wouldn't i ..?
  24. Modular, supports CFX, but I doubt is has the power to do dual hd9670s. The TDP on those things are 300w! Will you even do CFX later? If yes, I would get this:
  25. Btw, good PSU makers are XFX, Seasonic, some OCZs, Corsair, PC Power and Cooling, and Antec.
  26. yeah yeah ..know that cf ..not in 2-3 years at least ..
    thanks .. :)
  27. No problem. ;)
  28. if I unlock I'd be drawing 225 Watts out of two 75 Watt connectors that safe ..?
  29. Not sure, but some people do it. Buy an XFX hd6950, they let you do whatever you want to the product and you are still covered I think. Good night.... :sleep:
  30. 500W PSU would be enough but depends on the PSU. If it has a single 12V rail it should have at least 40A IMO. If it's split rail, then at least 25A.

    Just FYI when it comes to overclocking, you'll usually see a better result by getting the memory bandwidth as high as possible. Especially with AA/AF and some DX11 things going on, memory bandwidth is super important. Core speed is still important but often not as important. I made a thread on it once where I ran Furmark with AA on, I did 1 set of tests only raising mem speed and then another set only raising core speed. With AA on, the only thing that raised the FPS was mem speed. Core speed didn't affect it. If you're interested I can try to find the article or at least link the graph I made.
  31. nah's okay ..ill take your word for it .. :P
  32. The only problem with your logic is that the numerous performance charts on this page show the 560 AMP! card at 950 mhz beating both the 6950 and 6970 in exactly those games you want to play. And yes, the GTX 560 will overclock even more, and will scale better than the 6900's when overclocking. Why? Because Nvidia clocks their shaders at 2X the core clocks, while AMD clocks their shaders at 1X the core clocks.
  33. Matto has a point, but for even more future games, I would take a hd6950 unlocked and OCed.
  34. HostileDonut said:
    Matto has a point, but for even more future games, I would take a hd6950 unlocked and OCed.

    cause of the extra VRAM ..?
  35. Yes, future games will require more VRAM, but also, games that do not 'prefer' Nvidia or AMD, or just Nvidia, the hd6950 will beat a GTX560 Ti. When you unlock a hd6950 to a hd6970, it will beat any game that does not 'prefer' a specific company, or Nvidia. Out of brute power, the hd6950 unlocked and OCed is better, and also price/performance it is better. Not just VRAM.
  36. what if I get the 1gb version and OC it ..wouldn't that be a far more economical alternative the 6950 1gb and 2gb perform almost exactly the same ..?
  37. You CANNOT unlock the 1gb, and it will not be better in the future.
  38. I know I can't unlock it ..
    the unlocked sharers only give you a 2-3% increase in performance ..its the memory and core clock that matters ..right ..?
  39. See? Unlocking the hd6950 would be really good. Also, then you can OC. Get the 2gb, more RAM for future games, plus more performance now.
  40. I think the 6970 performs that much better cause of the extra clocks ..
    check this.
  42. Get the hd6950 unlocked and OCed. You really are not going to get better... I am sorry.
  43. hmm ..I know the 2gig version is definitely gonna be better but it would probably be better by maybe 4-5% ..
  44. You don't buy a 2gb card in this day in age to play games, unless you are at EXTREME resolutions. Buy the 2gb, and you will be able to play future games.
  45. hmm got a point ..
    ill guess ill spend the extra on a 2gig card ..
  46. The lesson learned from the 6950 1GB reviews is that it's performance is nearly identical to the 2 GB version, even at high resolutions.
  47. 17seconds said:
    The lesson learned from the 6950 1GB reviews is that it's performance is nearly identical to the 2 GB version, even at high resolutions.

    Yes, because current games only use about 900MB VRAM now. In the near future, 1GB isn't going to cut it.
  48. dirt 2 sometimes goes upto 1.2-1.3 ..on those tracks with loads of cheering crowds ..
  49. HostileDonut said:
    Yes, because current games only use about 900MB VRAM now. In the near future, 1GB isn't going to cut it.

    Can't really bue so sure of that while developers are flocking to get a piece of the console pie. Just look at Crysis 2 demo...
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