Hardrive clicking noise after vid cafd installation

Hey guys
i need help with a problem. so i bought a new video card because my other one died. so when i installed it on my board and turned on my pc it turned on but i got no display and my hardrive was making a clicking sound and sounded like it was restarting it self. so i took the card out and used the onboard and everything worked fine and my other card worked fine to b4 it died. i thought it was my power supply so i replaced it and got a bigger on.
my specs are.
my board is a microstar ms 7145
1 gb of ddr ram
amd 64 3400+ 2.4ghz cpu
my new power supply is a dynex 520-watt atx
and the card is a sapphire radeon hd 5450
so please help
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  1. also my os is windows xp pro and my hardrive is a 80gb
  2. Do you think it could be the slot the graphics card is in? Your old card was in the same slot and it died, now your new card is in the same slot and doesn't work, right? It could be a motherboard problem. Can you try a different slot? One thing that may have happened is the power supply was defective and may have caused a surge that probably fried the PCI slot (just a guess though).
  3. yeah you better check the pci slot you use for the card, power supply required can be seen on the manufacturers site so that should take care for your power supply requirement
  4. my pci port is not bad
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