[Solved]Audio Ports and RAM Problem.


I need help.When I connect Green Audio Cable In My Monitor it works fine but the when i connect headphones or speakers it doesn't work.when i unconnect it from the back of the pc and put headphones in front panel it works fine.they don't work fine both at the same time.some times ago i had both one in the back connected and one in front they worked.if i want to get the front panel working i always have to unplug the green cable from back of my pc which goes to my monitor.anyone know how to fix this issue??please help me.thanks in advance.

and one more question.i installed windows vista 32 bit ultimate 2 days ago and it show 2.87gb of RAM.in the windows i had before it showed 4gb.that window was 64 bit home premium.i tried to take out the ram and replace in different spot but i still have problem.1.17gb just disappeared please fix my issue thanks.

Sorry For Bad English.
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  1. Ram:
    32bit operating systems can only see ~3GB of Ram, if you have onboard video then it will eat some of that available system memory making it seem like you have lost even more system memory.

    By default (and assuming you have installed the proper audio drivers) then your rear audio port (the green one) should be your main default audio output. The front panel port is intended for headphones. If you plug into the front then it should mute the rear output automagically so that audio only goes though the headphones when they are plugged in.
    If you have the wrong drivers, or if you set some wrong settings, then you can reverse these defaults, or even have both run at the same time. Rt click on the windows speaker icon in the icon tray (bottom right of the screen), and select 'playback devices'. In this menu you will have various options for your output settings, as well as quality and device settings.

    If your computer came with a 64bit OS then you should always install 64bit operating systems because that is what the drivers are designed for. Moving to 32bit can have... less than desirable results like you are experiencing now.
  2. I didn't plug the green cable from the back into the front.i put an external speakers and i always have to unplug it from the back to get the front one working.anyways thanks for the info.
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