Whathappens when i have an i3-540 and a assus P7H55-M (H55 chipset) they all hav

i am going to buy an intel core i3-540 and an Assus P7H55-M motherboard and from what i read about their specs they all have both embedded graphics. i have choosen an embedded graphics like the once on my older system since i don't really need a discrete one so i can save power since i only play games that needs a discrete graphics card not very often but if i ffeel the need to play i ccan plug in my old 1GB Radeon HD 3650 and play. my questions are...
1. will my processor and mother board with both embedded graphics on them work( conflicts)?

2. if it will work will it br like you can only enable them to work only one not together like choosing which once on the bios options(enabling the graphics on cpu or graphics on mobo)?
3. which of the two graphics is better performing and what is their equivalent on older system? will they perform like 3100 gma or almost like a lower end discret card like hd 3450?
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  1. The asus p7h55-m mobo does not hve any embeded graphics. it uses the embedded graphics chip in the i3-540 processor.

    1. so as i said, the mobo will use the graphics chip in the processor
    3. what kind of games do u play? the embedded graphics card wil not b able 2 handle any new games or high graphics games. even fifa 11 will not run properly in the embedded graphics
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    The I3 540 has the graphics processor on board, the motherboard merly holds the connectivity to the integrated output ports on the back.

    The beauty of it is though is that you could theoretically upgrade to an I5 750 down the line and have no compatibility worries.

    Intel's HD graphics processor is better than the old GMA ones, but they won't hold a candle to even the most basic of discrete cards.

    If you're wanting to play games occasionally, get something like a 5670, it's really low power and will play games (low resolution and settings however).
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