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Admins, sorry if this posted in the wrong section of the forum.

I just wanted to share my experience with Gigabytes RMA process. From reading past experiences from others, I was really worried things wouldn't work out well.

I first should share component problems occurred from me shipping out the computer with the PSU lose which bounced around and banged things up.

I ended up calling up customer service in which I got a hold of someone to talk to quickly(each time i've called). I needed to RMA my motherboard because it had physical damage when it was shipped(due to my negligence). I've read their policy for RMA and it says I'm not covered under this and I wasn't expecting to be when I called. I told the guy that there is physical damage(their policy states I can only offer to pay them $45 to repair it since my warranty would be voided) and he immediately said "don't worry about it, send it in". I was shocked to hear that and was going to first ask how much is cost to repair it.

I ended up getting approved for an RMA that same day when I applied online and sent the motherboard in. I didn't have any anti-static wrap and called up and asked the guy, he once again told me not to worry about it. Just as long as it is packed well enough so it doesn't get physically damaged when being shipped. So I wrapped it in a paper bag and sent it out. The whole process to receive my item back took just over two weeks. I received it back in its original box that I sent it out in and found the mobo to be nicely packaged in a new anti-static bag. I took the mobo out and at first thought they sent me a new one since they did that good of a job repairing damaged parts. They even cleaned off some thermal paste I had left on there as well as the bottom of the mobo which was covered in some heavy dust in some spots. It turns out the mobo was indeed fixed, but unfortunately I now have a problem with my video card.

It seems to me that Gigabyte must be listening to the community responses to RMA experiences and I definitely would say they went beyond the call of duty to help me out.

So anyone skeptical of buying a Gigabyte product because of their RMA process, it's definitely great from my experience.
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  1. Thanks for that :) good to see a nice RMA
  2. Appreciate you sharing this with the community. Also nice to hear of a good outcome to an RMA ;)
  3. You've given me a little confidence, I've been really wanting to buy a Gigabyte GPU, but the horror stories of RMA have really made me want to run in the opposit direction.
  4. I (and many other) had bad experience with Asus service and RMA, nice to hear about a good customer care. I have been using Gigabyte stuff for last 8 years but didn't have a single one fail yet. Some were even used parts like my present MB.
  5. gigabyte right know has had my motherboard for a month and i dont know when im getting it back
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