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OC 9650 - Wait for Thermal Paste Set?

Hi Folks, I'm going to be rebuilding my system into a new case later tonight (Corsair 600t).
I am also changing the old 74gb Raptor to a 64gb Vertex II and doing a clean install of win 7 64bit.

Have got a Corsair H60 I will be using with a Q9650 and an Asus Maximus Formula Mobo with 8gb DDR800.
Question is, once it's all rehoused and happy how long should I wait for the new thermal paste to set before working on the new overclock (aiming for 4-4.3 Ghz).

Also if possible could you pop up some settings for me to try out on the OC, Have had it up to 3.7Ghz stable but this was purely bumping up the FSB and using a Thermalright Ultima-90 Cooler.

SO with that in mind the last question is will there be much if any bottleneck on my XFX 5850 Black edition, Im going to guess no as to be honest I have never once thrown any game at this system it can't handle already at 1080p on Max settings.
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    regarding the paste....

    It is not as if you are desiring or waiting for thermal paste to dry or harden, so, as soon as the heat sink/water block is locked down, you are good to go....

    Below is a link to an older article on OCing a QX9650 for your reference....if yours is the standard Q9650, hiking the FSB will be your main method of OCing anyway....(lowering the starting mem speed and/or a slight Vcore boost might allow a higher top end for your CPU...)

    The 5850 is a capable midrange card, roughly equal to a reference GTX460(1gb), but, the 5850 will likely be taxed/strained even w/1080P on Metro or Crysis....
  2. Cheers, I have the standard q9650, locked multiplyer unfortunately. But going by that quick link you gave then I should be able to hit around 4ghz with vcore of 1.3-1.4.

    Will give it a bash tonight.

    Have noticed a slight slowdown on metro right enough, maybe low as 27fps if im mad and leave AA at 8 lol, aint too shabby for a 3yr old system with just a more recent GPU upgrade :)

    Ta for the comment.
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