Suggest me cpu cooler .......plz

guys i recently bought a amd phenom 2 x4 955 black edition 3.2 ghz cpu.....and believe me it is LOUD as hell....from far away you can tell some kind of motor is on.... i want a silent and decent cooling solution my budget is around 1000 rupees and i am from India....pls if anyone can help.
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  1. my config processor as above,
    mobo : asus m488td-v evo usb3
    graphics card : asus hd6850 1gb ddr5
    a 750 watt vip smps

    and i got a cabinet which is from india called BIJLI of zebronics company. so it has little space in it. thx guys.
  2. Don't know the prices in India but here are two popular ones
    Both companies are respectable and make different models and some cheaper that might suffice for your CPU.
  3. thex rolli59 ...the cooler master one you mentioned is it quite enough ? and that size would it fit my cabinet are they of regular size that comes with processor in default?? thx again.
  4. It depends on the width of your case both coolers are about 6 1/4" tall!
  5. rollli my cabinet is zebronics bijli of india...the company name is zebronics and model name is bijli. can you advice me will cooler master fit in it....if you can ....thx again.
  6. It will probably fit if you remove one of the side panel fans.
  7. nice to hear from you....are you sure will it fit in bijli ? cuz i am gonna order it in usa my friend will bring for me....and which one of the two above is superior cooler master or xigmatek....?
  8. To make sure measure from the side panel down to the CPU the Xigmatec is 159mm tall and the Cooler Master is 158.5mm
    They are both recommended budget coolers and neither is superior.
  9. is there any other option for me which is small in size too?
  10. i think i am getting a room of 130mm approx while measuring. just correct me if i am wrong by seeing the cabinet.
  11. Yes that is a good cooler!
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