Getting problems when OCing phenom II 955 BE

I have a Phenom II X4 955 BE processor on ASUS M5A88-M Mobo, RAM is ADATA premier DDR3 1333Mhz 4GB.
it is currently running at stock clocks i.e. 3200MHz, but when I use CPU level up in mobo BIOS and select phenomII 965 (@ 3.4GHz), or phenomII 3.6Ghz, computer wont startup.
when I select phenom II 965, DRAM is increased to 1420 Mhz by default but I have only 1333Mhz RAM, Is that causing the problem?
when I select phenom II 3.6, DRAM is decreased to 12xx Mhz by default.

I bought a 1333 mhz because PhenomII supports only upto 1333MHz. Do I need a 1600Mhz RAM to overclock my CPU because i think the current 1333mhz ADATA RAM is not able to overclock itself?
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  1. OK. very quick overclocking lesson. You can Google for better. But DON'T use the auto options. if they work I guess great, but they mess with memory and voltage as you saw which causes issues. You have a BE unlocked CPU so you're set. First though, don't even bother with the stock cooler. You need something better

    1. Make sure you are at stock settings and stable.
    2. Increase the CPU multiplier by one notch.
    3. boot into windows and run prime 95 torture test. Watch your temps you want them to stay under 60C with that CPu
    4.1 If stable go back to step 2 and repeat
    4.2 If unstable (crashes/prime 95 errors) increase the CPU voltage by one notch. Do not go past 1.4V to be safe. Go back to step 3 (you can go to 1.45V or if you have very good cooling and low temps)

    I have an unlocked 550 so basically you're exact CPU at 3.7Ghz at I think 1.385V(I think. need to check), and in the low 50s at load. Just to give you an idea. A lot do better than mine though. And I have very good air cooling. Again, need to watch your temps when you overclock.

    Now. that will get you're Max CPU overclock. If you want to try and overclock the memory lower the multiplier a notch then up the FSB. Doing it this way takes the memory out of the equation when figuring out the Max stable CPU speed. You may need to raise memory voltage, mess with memory timings or bump the CPU-NB voltage. The CPU-NB is basically the memory controller on the CPU. if you push memory up past 1333 it automatically overclocks the memory controller. Most people can get it to 1600 without issue. As you can see though memory overclocking is much more complex, and why you want to isolate it from the CPU overclock. And you don't NEED to do it. But free performance is always great :)
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