Gateway computers quality? vs HP

looking for a new computer for my girlfriends parents (moms in her 50s, dads 60).
She found this deal for a gateway package that had the tower, a 20" monitor, and some printer.

-pentium processor at 3.2 ghz (didnt say anything other than "pentium processor")
-6gb DDR3 memory,
-intel graphics media accelerator
-1 TB hard drive.
All for 600$ which i thought was a great deal since the place was normally selling the tower alone for 500$

Her brother then stepped in and said he refused to buy Gateway because they were low quality, he suggested an HP tower for 400$
-AMD athalon II @ 3.0ghz
-3gb DDR3 memory
-500gb hard drive
-ATI Radeon HT3000 graphics card

I tried looking up gateway quality, i saw they were bought out by ACER in 2007 but thats about all i could find.

does anyone have a more educated opinion on this, i dont see why the Gateway deal would be bad since their parents dont need top of the line, just need something new and fast. Thanks all
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  1. Between the two bad choices, the HP is less bad!

    So, go with the HP!
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