Asus p9x79 ws memory issues

I just purchased an ASUS P9X79 WS with 2 4x4 kit for a total of 32GB but the system registers only 24GB. I have tested all of the memory sticks one at a time in memory slot D1 and they all work, it seems that channel B’s neither slots register the ram. I have this problem with another ASUS motherboard I purchased a few months ago; again channel B does register the ram. Is there something that I am doing?

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  1. what are you saying man just try to say it more clear with details perhaps i can help you thanks and also try to spell it correctly
  2. I assume '24MB' is a typo and you meant '24GB' of RAM. You may have a couple bad sticks. I would test ONE 4x4GB set at a time; see proper DIMM slots ->

    In the BIOS, raise both the VTT and VCCSA Voltages = 1.20v and in Widows make sure MSCONFIG looks like (see image) - Update the BIOS to the latest version using ASUS EZ Flash 2; see -

    Q - What OS are you running?
    Q - What RAM is installed? please provide a link or links to your RAM
    Q - Post a copy of your Resource Monitor; see below

  3. I think, I may be on to something, posting the original question made me realize that I have tested all the variables between the two systems but not the constants. I will post soon with more detail about both motherboards and all of the components, their brands and model numbers as well as the result of the tests.

    Thanks everyone.
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