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I have come up with a few drafts for a gaming tower. I am not clueless on how to build a computer, but I would like some help. I don't think there are any problems with the computer I want but I dont want to get stuck with parts that dont work together. Here is what I have come up with:

MSI P67A-G43 (B3)

Intel Core i5-2500 Sandy Bridge

Sapphire radeon 6850 1gb (Will get a second one, when I have the money, for crossfire)

G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 8GB (2 x 4GB)


Are there any problems? Will I need any small parts or adapters to make it work?
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  1. Judging that nobody has responded, that means there are no problems??? Seriously, I am waiting so I can purchase the parts.
  2. id get an antec, corsair, xfx, or seasonic brand psu. 750w is way overkill for a 6850. do you plan to OC or crosffire?
  3. Well you are going to need a hard drive

    The Samsung 1 gig F3 model is a good choice . Fast and cheap .

    For gaming 8 gig of RAM is probably over kill . 4 gig is plenty .

    And Raidmax are not a preferred brand of PSU and 730 watts is overkill for that set up
    A quality 550 watt psu will be fine
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    Get the i5 2400 instead, it's cheaper and will preform the same.
    This is better for the PSU.
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  6. I chose the i5 2400 just because I didn't need that extra 0.3GHz but I am sticking with the 8gigs of ram for other stuff (not games) and I am planing for crossfire. Thanks for the quick help.
  7. GL
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