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All of a sudden my HP w1907 flat screen display is no longer clear. I am getting artifacts and halos (on small images and thumbnails ) that were not there before. Have a NVIDIA GeForce 9400 GT graphics card and the above mentioned monitor. Notice the problem right after install Firefox 3.6.13, doubt that this is problem though. Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. Could be a dying monitor or video card, how long've you had the system? Try updating/reinstalling the drivers from here.
  2. 2 years. Already considered both. No way to test as I no longer have my spare parts boxes.
  3. I'm working on my sons dv6000. The screen gets grainy, wavy lines. He had vista 32bit loaded from the factory. I installed windows7 today, I noticed that the graphics although were not 100% but it was a lot better. I updated windows, went to nvidia's site & then, the screen started to look like it did before with vista. Another thing was prior to all these operating system changes, I had an external monitor hooked up & it looked 100% fine. Now I can't get a signal to the external monitor even though it shows up in the nvidia program. Long story short, I may try & wipe the hdd & reload windows, this time with no updates. I'm stumped here. I would have thought the GPU was going bad but when I had the external monitor hooked up the other day & it worked perfectly, I just started to assume that the screen inverter might be bad. Anyone with a idea on what I should try next, please post it cause I'm going nuts. BTW, I ran a diagnostic program "geek squad mri" & the graphics was fine. Dan
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