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I'm getting a USB overvolt warning just after booting into windows and im not sure why, i did have my cpu overclocked but i've since done a cmos reset and dropped back to stock while i debug. The warning is still appearing after the cmos reset. Anyone know what causes this? currently the only things i use in my USB are my razer naga, ultimate and megalodon. The motherboard is a gigabyte z68x-ud7-b3.

(Sorry for the double post i mentioned this when asking about overclocking before)
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  1. Hi, i had exact same error on my asus p8p67 m pro. Mine too was oc. It got that error and kept rebooting. Unplugged the front panel connector and cleared cmos and put it back to the oc settings and it ok now. Not sure what caused it
  2. Actually i was suspicious it might be caused by the front panel connector because it's imo a somewhat dodgy wiring job I've done. My usb 3.0 on the haf x are designed to plug into a back panel i/o port but instead i used the 2.5" usb3 hub that came with my mobo as an adapter to plug my front panel into my mobo directly and leave more usb 3's on the back panel. Is there any way to determine which usb port is giving the error i wonder?
  3. Well did you unplug it and see if it stopped giving the error?
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