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Hi Folks,

I ordered my computer and the parts started arriving... I only miss my MoBo, Case and Memory at this point. This is the original thread.

I haven't assembled a computer in 10 years, so I have some questions. Hope some of you will be able to help me.

1. I have a CM HAF 912 case with a XFX 750W PRO750W PSU. The case has a bottom vent. Should I install the PSU with the fan facing down? My current computer is on a carpeted floor atm. Should I build/buy a platform for my computer for better ventilation (to unblock the bottom vent, regardless of PSU placement)?

2. I have a 1TB HDD. Should I partition this for a System and Data partition for Win7? Will separate partition lead to a significant/noticeable speed decrease? I like separate partitions for convenience sake, but can live with a single one, if that is recommended.

This is what I have so far... I'm sure I will have more questions/concerns once I will start the assembly.

Thank you for your input in advance.
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    Alright ... PSU I think it is always better to have the PSU pulling in air from outside the case, but as long as your case has good ventilation (from my knowledge the HAF 912 is VERY well ventilated as they don't call it High Air Flow for nothing) you should be absolutely fine pulling in air from inside the case. Also the XFX power supplies are high quality PSUs from Seasonic OEM, they're tough and should be able to handle some hot air!

    BUT --- If you are going to have your computer on carpet DON'T get the PSU pulling in the air from outside. You'll need to build a platform for it. But if you're going to have the PSU pulling in air from inside the computer case then you don't really need the platform.

    For the HDD, Linux uses multi-partition setups all the time and it runs like a scalded cat compared to Windows 7. So I'd imagine you should be fine running off two partitions.

    I'll check back tomorrow for any more questions and I hope I've helped so far!

  2. Not sure why folks like to partition their drives, i have a friend that partitions the hell outta his drives. I don't, I just add drives if I need more. Only reason I would do this is in dual boot. But it should have little noticeable effect on performance. I think access times would be longer if trying to access both partitions at once.

    I would do as suggested above, mount the PSU with the fan facing upward. Unless your video card is blowing down into your PSU, the air flow into your power supply will be cool enough and more importantly the PSU heat will be vented out the case. Put your hand out side an exhaust fan, then try in front of the PSU vents out side the case. I think you'll find the ambient case temp is quite a bit cooler than the PSU exhaust.
  3. Partitioning a drive wont improve performance . It cant since the number of read/write heads remains the same

    It might allow you to rebuild a windows partition without losing data if windows was corrupted , but thats a very small risk compared to mechanical damage ruining ALL partitions .
    Because of the potential for mechanical failure exists the only way to safeguard data is to have a back up drive .
    Which then makes multiple partitions a waste of time IMO

    Take the psu air from inside the case . The worst this can do is raise psu temps a degree or two and increase the case air flow since its another fan pulling air out
  4. Thank you for the responses. I'm still waiting for my mobo to arrive, but did some preliminary case prep. I decided to install my PSU with fan down for better cable management... This required me to build a computer stand, which was easily accomplished with 4 wheels and a standard bookcase shelf ($15 from the hardware store)... So the computer will sit on a platform, 2-3 inches from the carpet.

    As far as partitioning, I'm still not sure. The reason I used to partition my drives goes back to the end of the last millennium... With gaming, LAN parties (can't even remember the name of the connection we used), dial-up internet, RAM compatibility issues and Window 98, my OS was reinstalled quite often. Having 2 partitions significantly cut-down the work... So as a matter of habit, I always had 2 partitions... Still thinking...

    I will keep the thread "open" so I can ask questions once my mobo finally arrives.
  5. Got the computer up a running - sorta. I have two issues right now, one is pretty urgent the other one is meh....

    1. I have trouble with my internet connection... After first install, my LAN port did not work, used the Mobo CD with the driver and it seemed fine. However, I have the same problem now... I will check for a new driver on AsRock's website...
    2. My HDD activity light is not working. Not really sure why... not even sure I care, but will look into that as well. (Can I test the led by hooking-up the activity light to the power pins?)
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