Motherboard p8h67 m pro... how to connect to the power pack?

Hello to anyone!

Yesterday I've bought all the component to realize a gaming pc.
Encouraged by the enthusiasm ... and a little saving .. I chose to mount it by my self.
But now I can not find any information on how to connect the power adapter (Lite GX 700w) to the motherboard ..

The locking pin 24 I think matches to 20 +4 of the power pack. My doubt regards another block of 8 pins.
In several videos, all the power pack had a single block of 8 pins .. but I have a 4+4 "pin CPU connector" (as he calls them the sheet present in the power pack box).

The fact is that only the first 4 are the same configuration of the motherboard, the other 4 are all curved..

My question is if I've to put only the first 4 (on a sheet present in the motherboard, in what they call "Step 7: Install the ATX power connectors" are shown only 4-pin) or if I should put all 8 although a block which 4 not correspond ..

the motherboard is (A: for curved pin, S for square pins)

+12v : ASSA
com : SAAS

while the power supply pins are:

+12v : AA+SA
com : AA+AS

Sorry for english and post length :D
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  1. More information is needed. Please provide the manufacturer name and model of the PSU and the motherboard as well as the Video card, Computer case, HDD, CD/DVD/Blu-ray drive and any other parts that you are installing so we can look up the parts to find out what features they have.

    Do not, under any circumstances, try to force any connectors into place. If the pins do not match up exactly then the connector does not go there.

    The 20+4 connector that is on the cable from the PSU is compatible with the 24 pin connector on the motherboard. Just make sure that all 24 pins slide into place easily before pressing it in.
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