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I don't know if this post goes here or in the builds section (so mods do-yo-thang if necessary) but I figured since it is CPU specific this would be the best place.

I was planning a PC build for video editing using Sony Vegas and audio production using Presonus's Studio 1. Both are extremely CPU and RAM intensive software. I was going to wait for Bulldozer but given the pricing and unproveness I want an established platform which brings me to the AMD Llano a3850 question.

Given the a3850's benchmarking just below the 1100T and integrated GPU, it seems like this would be all you need to run Sony Vegas extremely well. Since Vegas barely utilizes the GPU (just the gimmicky cuda crap) and the APU has the GPU imbedded it seemed like this would be the ideal combination for value as well as efficiency.

Am I correct in thinking that the a3850 coupled with 16 gigs of 1866 RAM would be the ideal system for Sony Vegas as well as audio production? Or am I totally wrong and I should spring for an 1100T, i2xxxk or i7 9xx setup? It seems like in this case the software might be the bottleneck so an i2600k with a 560ti would be total overkill considering the software can't even utilize it all.

p.s. if anyone could recommend the best llano mobo for audio (priority) and video (secondary) it would be much appreciated
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  1. Vegas will use all the resources you can give it, so it really comes down to budget. Any gpu will have gpu acceleration even if vegas prefers cuda but as you said cpu and ram are the most important, the scratch disk imo would be next. The 2600k would be ideal but you could manage a 460 or 450. The a8 is definitively a no because the x6 1035t is nearly the same price and the 2 extra cores will help more. Even the x4s will give better price/performance. The igpu on the cpu is pretty much irrelevant even though its more powerful than the integrateds on the mobo; cpu power is much more important.
  2. Exactly what I was looking for. Thank you. +1
  3. Adding info about vegas : Sony Vegas does not benefit from GPU while editing, but Vegas 10 does offer some GPU accelerated rendering. So for Vegas 9 any good ATI or nVidia card with 512+ megs RAM will do. For Vegas Pro 10 get an nVidia CUDA card like the
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