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OK, so I currently have a GTX 260. I am trying to set up 3 monitors and not having any luck (3 monitors... 2 dvi ports) and a DVI splitter not cutting it. Soooo... I thought well, I could use an upgrade in the GPU dept so I am thinking of going SLI and it's hard to find the GTX 260 anymore and the ones I did find are 200.00 bucks. Can't see spending that when I can get a 460 for sam price. My question is can i run a 460 and 260 in SLI? Will they conflict in any way? Or if someone has another idea I'm listening. Thanks
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  1. You can't do 3 monitors with Nvidia cards (Exception, GTX 590) without going SLi.

    You can't run a 460 and a 260 in SLi, you can only run the same model card (e.g. two 260's or 2 460's, exception is Physx, and Physx isn't SLi).

    Another solution for you might be to get an ATI Eyefinity card for under $200 that will support 3 monitors.
  2. Thank you for your help and advice. Looks like I need to shop around and weigh out my options.
  3. As posted above only 2 of the same modle cards will sli.
    2 460s would probably work great for what your looking for.
    Also as mentioned ATI can run 3 with eyefinity.
    Also make sure if you do decide to go 2 460s you have a power supply that will support both cards.
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