Toshiba satellite A205 s7458 restore disk free download

Where can i get free downloads for A20 S7458 restore disk
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  1. Do not think a Freebee exist. The "restore" disk came with the A205 and/or the manual stated that you need to create one. My A205 came with one, but the A305 had you create one. Most likely on source is toshibia, at a cost.

    What operating system are you using? My A205 came with vista, was not eigible for "Free" up grade to Win 7, so I purchased a Win 7 Upgrade and installed win 7.. My A305 came with a free upgrade to win 7.

    is your system usable, or do you need to restore inorder to boot the Laptop into the operating System? Reason If it is operable and you have win7 then you can create your own restore disk very easily, If vista and operable you would need a 3rd party cloning utility to cread a image of your HDD.
  2. I have A205 and it did not come with recovery disk and unfortunately the store (circuit City) is closed how do I restore my computer to factory???
  3. ^ try Toshibia website to purchase a Installation disk, if you can not find on website, go to their support page and open a chat window and ask.

    PS you do better by opening a new thread rather than appending to an old one.
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