Is this build optimal

So, after disappointment over some crappy prebuilt system, i have decided to choose components by myself. I have read guides on this forum (awesome advices btw, thanks a lot for it) and have come up with this build:

CPU: Intel Core i7 2600K
GPU: Nvidia Geforce GTX 570
RAM: Corsair Vengeance DDR3 8 GB 1600 MHz (CMZ8GX3M2A1600C9)
CPU COOLER: Artic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro
Optical Drive: Samsung S223C
Hard Drive: WD Caviar Blue 1 TB, 7200rpmM, 32 MB, SATA III (WD10EALX)
Case: akasa infinti ZOR AK-BKINF-02

My aim is to build gaming rig, that would hold of couple of years and would be overall fast. I have heard that 2600K can be well overclocked, so i will probably do that too. Budget is around 1000-1300€ (my above build actually costs 1100€ in local store. Prices are high here :( )

My questions:
1. Is above build optimal and is everything compatible?
2. Which power supply should i take? Is there any way to figure out, how much power will my rig need, so i can get most optimal one?
3. Which manufacturer of the video card should i take? There are Asus, Gainward, Gigabyte etc. What is even difference between those?
4. I was thinking about putting another SSD drive in it as system drive and use hard drive as storage/games drive. But SSD drives are still very expensive. Is boost of speed (booting windows, opening programs, file transfers etc.) big enough to justify this price?
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  1. I was always......always a fan of gigabyte products...........just because of their sheer durability and stability........... so, why not a G1 series mobo??? But this rig is fine, damn fine i got to say
  2. There is no psu on that build, the cpu h/s isn't a good one, neither is the case, and that h/d is slow. A few you want to go with dual vid cards sometime in the future, what is your monitors resolution (or do you need one), do you need an o/s (Windows), and what games do you plan on playing ? Also what country is this for ?
  3. Sorry guys, i wanted to add more information after posting, but i could not edit the post.

    Anyway, country is Slovenia. There are many shops here. Let me give you some links: . But unfortunately all of these are in Slovenian language. Google translate may help you, but it's not very good for our language.

    I don't plan doing dual video cards.

    Monitor resolution is 1680x1050.

    I don't need OS, i get it via school (MSDNAA) or anything else. I only need a "box".

    Actually, it's not just gaming, but a lot of different stuff. For example I'm browsing internet, playing games, running servers, running Dolphin Emulator (wii emulator - very cpu intensive), programming etc. I usually have a lot of applications open at one time. I Usually less graphically intense like RTS games. But many times i play more intense games like FPS and when i do, i want to have as high settings as possible.

    I have not included PSU, beacuse i mentioned that i don't know which one to take.

    Thank you guys for your help
  4. What about this RAM, which have slightly lower latencies:

    PATRIOT DDR3 4GB 1600MHZ 2X XTREME|en&tbb=1&ie=UTF-8

    @Hiya i see, you linked 560. Does that means that 570 is too much for my configuration?
  5. The build I'm working on is similar to yours. My PSU is derived from a Seasonic 750 watt and hasn't missed a beat yet.
  6. matejdro said:
    What about this RAM, which have slightly lower latencies:

    PATRIOT DDR3 4GB 1600MHZ 2X XTREME|en&tbb=1&ie=UTF-8

    @Hiya i see, you linked 560. Does that means that 570 is too much for my configuration?

    For your resolution yes, the 570 is massive overkill.
  7. My wish is that i will be able to play games on highest settings as long as possible. Would using 560 instead of 570 force me to use lower settings on newer games?

    Also, nobody commented about my RAM choice above.
  8. OK here is new build based on your recommendations:

    CPU: INTEL CORE i7 2600K|en&tbb=1&ie=UTF-8

    GPU: NVIDIA GAINWARD GTX570, 1280MB DDR5, VGA/DVI/HDMI|en&tbb=1&ie=UTF-8

    MOBO: S-1155 ASUS P8P67 (REV.3.0), ATX|en&tbb=1&ie=UTF-8

    RAM: DDR3-RAM KIT 8 GB, 1333 MHZ, CL7, CORSAIR DOMINATOR|en&tbb=1&ie=UTF-8



    HDD: HDD SAMSUNG 1TB SATA2 32MB/7200 (HD103SJ)|en&tbb=1&ie=UTF-8



    If my calculations are correct, total price is 1226€, which just fits my budget.

    What do you think?
  9. Bump.

    Anyone, please?
  10. Looks good to me.
  11. If you are looking to cut the price down you should be able to get away with any Over Clocked GTX 460 1GB (not SE models) as long as you plan on staying at 1680x1050.

    Check out this article Best Graphics Cards For The Money: May 2011.

    While its AMD heavy on the recommendations the last page has a list of comparable cards if you want to pick out a Nvidia card.
  12. While this card is overpowered now, it might not be overpowered later when more demanding games comes out. That's my primary concern and only argument to get better card.
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