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A quick question about upgrading my PC

Hello, I have an old Dell XPS 210 which I would like to squeeze a bit more life out of. It'll mostly be used for media and browsing. I'm not very experienced with finding compatible hardware (I've only built one PC before and I followed a guide for that) so I thought I'd ask you guys.

My current plan is to replace the ''Intel core duo'' with an i5 2500 processor and add two more 1gb sticks of DDR2 RAM. If anyone knows if they think this is going to work, or if they could suggest a better upgrade I'd really appreciate it.

The system specs are here:

And this is what I was thinking of buying: (x2)

Thanks so much for your help. :)
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    chances are that you will not be able to install the i5 2500 processor in your motherboard since it is a socket 1155 cpu and the motherboard socket is most probably a socket 775, which means the number of pins on the cpu and the number of pins in the motherboard socket would be different. It appears that your motherboard can accept quite a few different older intel cpu's, but you need to know specifically which one is currently installed to be able to determine if a better processer is available.
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  3. Thanks for your help, I'll look into it. I'm glad I asked before buying. :)
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