Asus p8z68 M pro VS gigabyte GA z77M -d3h?

Just wondering which of the two is better. My build will mostly be for gaming and watching videos. Here are the links

The rest of my build will be i5 2500k, 8gb g.skill ram 1600mhz, sapphire 7850, cooler master extreme power 600w.

Thanks for any replies :-)
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  1. asus 100%
  2. constepatdyak said:
    asus 100%

    But why? Hows it any better?
  3. constepatdyak said:
    asus 100%

    Asus motherboards are pathetic and so is their customer service.
    Gigabyte is far far better. Intel is also GOOD.
  4. I was also more getting at the models... z77 vs z68?
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