Phenom 2 X4 965, kinda loud

hello. I just bought Phenom 2 X4 965, it's pretty cool (using the box cooler). Unfortunately, I am not sure what should I set the smart fan target temperature to. My CPU is 45*C while idle (2492 RPM), and I set the target at 52*C. When it goes over 52*C, it kicks into 6000 RPM, which sounds like a jet engine, but it still has problems decreasing the temperature, when I exited BF:BC2, I had 54*C!

My question is, what should I set the smart fan target to/how many RPM while idle is ok?
Also, what do you think would help me more - better CPU cooler or better case? My case has barely any holes in it and no case fans at all.
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  1. Buy an aftermarkt cooler like a hyper212.
  2. What about CoolerMaster Hyper N520? how does it compare to hyper212?
  3. I used the Hyper212

    Its nice and quiet now, temps are around 40 when playing BC2.

    The N520 should work just fine. As long as you have the space to fit it in. I would have had space issues if I had fans on both sides.
  4. any thermal paste recommendations?
  5. Won't really make a huge difference, but I just started using and it seems great. Not cheap though.
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