New 5870, tons of issues.

Hello everybody,

I just installed a second HD5870, installed the 11.2 driver and I am experiencing several issues.

First off, I am getting LOTS of screen tearing issues. I think it is from the 11.2 drivers, but I cannot be sure about that.

Second issue. Crossfire is enabled, but whenever I start a game (like Red Faction: Guerrilla for example) it only seems to be using the GPU off one card, not the second.

Should I revert back to old drivers (like 10.12)? Both cards are running but the second one doesn't seem to have any load (stays at 0%).

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  1. some games dont support crossfire, and also if u go above ur recommanded maximum

    monitor refresh rate ull see tearing. also enabling vsync could help fix ur problem,

    try using ur old drivers, might be a driver issue,
  2. Also, whenever I open Crysis, my monitor (Hanns-G 25" 1920x1080) has "Input signal out of range" plastered right in the center of the screen. I'm assuming this means refresh rate, but there isn't a way to change refresh rate in Crysis, what's the deal?
  3. Oh, and it seems that the screen tearing issue only happens when CCC is open. I am noticing the second GPU being used now though, so other than screen tearing when CCC is open, the problems seemed to be user error (lol).
  4. Gave up and just reverted back to the 10.11 drivers. AMD seriously needs to fix their crappy drivers, they have been unusable for 3+ months.
  5. somethimes, driver issues are a problem, but in the real world u wont get perfect results, and somethimes new drivers will give u slower performance and ull need to revert to an older set of drivers, but somethimes new drivers will give u a boost in speed in certain apps and games,

    it all depends
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