What should i do... 5670, gt 440, or wait and get a 5770

Current Specs
AMD athlon ii x4 645
2x2 adata ddr3 1333
550w fatal1ty psu
m4a89gtd pro/usb3
Monitors 1366x768 and 1600x900 running on radeon hd 4290 onboard graphics
1tb 7200rpm samsung hd

Ok im not a hardcore gamer, but im starting to play mw2 and black ops and need to upgrade my gpu... originally i was thinking of just getting a radeon 5670 or a GeForce GT 440 but with 2 monitors decided i should maybe just wait a little and get a radeon 5770 or something similar to that.

Could a 5670 or a 440 run mw2 and black ops at decent settings or should i wait?

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  1. why wait? do you have problem with money or anything else?
  2. Your 1600x900 sounds like its a nicer monitor. Its large enough to game on. If you want to make Black Ops look good, I'd get at least a 5770 if not something bigger. If you need to wait to afford it, I'd wait.
  3. If you can afford it and your PSU can handle it, get a 5850 or 5870. They're at excellent prices right now. Otherwise, the 5770 will get it done for you. The forgotten 5830 is worth $15 more than a 5770 if you find it for that price.

    A 5670 is a marginal gaming card--just barely entry level and will not play Black Ops well. 2 monitors won't affect your gaming since one will typically shut off when you game. The GT 440 doesn't really count as a gaming card--more a multimedia card that can play games if you happen to install some. If you're that strapped for cash, wait for an excellent deal like the $50 (no rebate, no coupon) 9800GT Tiger Direct had yesterday.
  4. For your resolution i'd say a 5770 will do you fine.
  5. Thanks for the replies everyone... ill wait till i can get at least a 5770... I did a really quick search for 5830s and only found them in 2.1x16 my mobo supports 2.0x16 so dont know if it could run a 5830 then.

    This will seem like a really stupid question but what does 2.1x16 and 2.0x16 mean? does it have something to do with the hardware or what?

  6. get a 5750 if you cant wait, you can get them for the same price as a 5670. "I did a really quick search for 5830s and only found them in 2.1x16" all ati 5xxx series are pcie 2.1. pcie version 2.1 is backwards compatable with version 2.0, 1.1, 1.0 motherboards so no need to worry. a 5830 is an absolute crap video card, uses lots of power and isnt all that much faster than a 5770. if your going to spend that much a nvidia gtx460 is a better option.
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