?identify this board?

Hi all.
can any one identify this board? http://i1220.photobucket.com/albums/dd457/haris4325/IMG057.jpg
Many thanks Chris.
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  1. any 1 got a clue? it looks like a bit like a jwele board? also an asrock but all asrock boards ive lokked at have asrock printed on them so ime baffled??
  2. ?no clues any one?
  3. got 2 and half hours to find it come on guys n gals don't let me down! :-)
  4. could you post the picture by turning 90 deg to the right
  5. ill try
  6. sorry cant do it cos its an on lin pic...(doh) any idears??
  7. Tough question :o :bounce: :bounce: thinking :bounce: :bounce: :ouch:
  8. ok i now have this board in my hands so any help or enquiries extra pics anything.... still cant find out what it is....HELP????
  9. post a pic facing to cpu up and memory to the right
  10. turn the board 90 degres to the right and take a picture and post her,this last picture is same as first one
  11. Hi there.
    are you on line now?
  12. yes post the other picture
  13. ive powered the board up and even the bios and everyting i try say manufacturer-unknown... model- unknown???.. if any one can use team viewer to have a look i will do it!!!.. post me...
  14. try this to see if it will find the board name http://www.hwinfo.com/ sorry for you i will use team viewer only with people i known personnally
  15. ok gotta change over to board on floor (lol) i will be right back.. thanks Chris
  16. hi. you still there???
  17. yes
  18. can you do teamviewer to link to my board ?
  19. i will give you the pass code
  20. have a look ???? ime puzzeled???
  21. use the link i send you to see if the software will detect her
  22. it doesnt give me the board name only the chipset???
    already know chipset because ive took all the heat sinks off and got the chip no.s
  23. if you can use team viewer there is no threat to your machine. i promise.
  24. chipset is amd ot intel and what it is also press on the motherboard sing to expand it
  25. chipset info from program is ---AMD 790gx (rs780d) + sb750
    Thats it..???
  26. also open the bios sing then the other motherboard sing that should give the maker or at least the name of the board,this is a amd only have to find the maker
  27. you could also try pc wiward http://www.cpuid.com/softwares/pc-wizard.html and what you see when you acces the bios on boot
  28. sorry bout the delay.. frikin router dsecided to pack in. gonna try the next link you sen an will let you know..
  29. still on
  30. all keepsa sayin to be filled by Quote " O.E.M,)
  31. try to get in the bios should tel you something
  32. everything i try says to be filled in by O.E.M????? what the???
  33. also i think its custom bios! will that kill all the specs??
  34. that means it could not read board specs what you got with pc wizard and did you look at the bios
  35. do you trust to me use teamviewer to see if yopu can help?
  36. if not please just say no...
  37. hy chris been looking at the picture this could be a asus or gigabyte board ,will do some search on the net will get back to you if i found something
  38. many thanks scout.
  39. the only thing i found that is a am2 board try this and use the plug in to see if you could get more details from the board,you did not report what the bios tel you http://translate.google.ca/translate?hl=fr&sl=fr&tl=en&u=http%3A%2F%2Ftouslesdrivers.com%2F
  40. hi there.
    tried the link but all it did was install the program then freeze all my internet!
    uninstalled then all is working again now, this thing has realy got me baffled..lol
  41. ok got an idear i will photo the bios screen shots for you to see and see if you have a clue then i will be right back......
  42. got some loads of bios pics just going to put them an photo bucket will let you know when they are there..
  43. ok i think all the pics are there on the same link as before.. i hope this spreads some light??
  44. this is only telling us tha it use megatread bios and it's a amd card compare your bios picture with the one on google
  45. have you gat a link for the 1 on google?
  46. do you think i have got a random server board with a custom bios?? or an old gaming board with a custom bios?? ime drawing a complete loss!! someone out there must know what this baby is... obviosly with the features on board it can do quite a lot with the installed items..(over clock a 1.6 sempron?? didnt think that was possible but with this it is??? maybe not tried it..lol)
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