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I was considering buying a new computer, but honestly I don't think I want to spend another $1000+ on an entire PC. So I've been considering just upgrading my video card. But I'm wondering how much my CPU will bottleneck me.

I have an Core2Duo E6850 @ 3.0GHz, 8800GTX, and 4GB RAM right now.

I'm considering spending the $250 and just upgrading the video card to a 560 ti.

What kind of performance can I look forward to? Will I be able to play Crysis 2 on pretty high settings? And how will BFBC2 and Rift look? I thought most newer games are more GPU dependent than CPU. So should I be fine? And then later on complete the upgrade with a new CPU and a second 560 ti.
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  1. My resolution is 1680x1050 also.
  2. And for my motherboard I have an EVGA 780i. I'm also considering overclocking my CPU to around 3.5GHz, not sure how big of a difference it would make though.
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