Bought an HP H8-1010T, looking to upgrade the power supply

As it says in the thread header, I bought an HP H8-1010T computer. The power supply in it (a puny 300 Watts) is a little underwhelming and I also have a graphics card that I bought for my old computer that blew that I'd like to put into this new computer.

However, the Sapphire 4670 card in question needs a 400 Watt power supply at least, that graphics card.

My question is basically what ATX Revision number power supply can I put into this thing and what would people recommend? I'm looking at any brand of power supply save Rosewill (had bad experiences with them) between the 400 Watt minimum for the card and 600 watts (never doing SLI or Crossfire), that are about 50 to 100 dollars at most.

Another issue: will it fit into the stock case (which I want to leave everything in because I love the stock case and want to keep on using it.

If anyone has any recommendations for me, please feel free to put them in this thread or PM them to me.
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  1. First of all, a single Sapphire 4670 even under full load should not consume more than 200 watts. As shown in the following link:

    However, you are right in saying that you 300 watt power supply is a bit underpowered for what you are looking for.

    As for PSU's... I'm sorry I can't link you to any specific ones ATM since I'm in transit. But I can at least suggest some of the top tier brands.

    Corsair, Seasonic, XFX are all safe bets as well as specific Antec ones. Of course I am simplifying as there are other good ones as well. You are right in avoiding Rosewill though.

    Any ATX PSU, will fit in an ATX case. You didn't specify what case you are using, but I wouldn't worry about that. Unless you are using a microatx or an htpc case... but I doubt it in this case. As well try and find at least a 80+ rated bronze PSU. Most of the good PSU's are anyway, but just a suggestion.
  2. Actually, from what I have read, the maximum (non-overclocked) the graphics card in question should suck is about 55 watts. Not looking to overclock it (even though it is supposedly capable of being overclocked) so that isn't an issue.

    It was written right on the box that it needed a 400 watt power supply at least (no extra power connectors on the card in question) so I'm just going by the manufacturers numbers here.

    I was looking at XFX or Thermaltake (done a little looking since I posted the thread this morning) in the 500 watts range, and by the sizes (W*L*Depth), they SHOULD fit in the stock case for the computer.
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