Is this a bad cpu? very frustrated!

building a new system

I just purchased a new mother board and CPU. gigabyte said I did not need addtl graphic card to get started.

Gigabyte 880GA-UD3H
AMD Phenom II x4 840
8 GB ram (2-4gb cards)

the Mobo is suppose to has on-board graphics positioned on north bridge.
Onboard Graphic Chipset: ATi Radeon HD 4250

When I do initial boot, I hear 3 long beeps.long pause. 3 long beeps. etc
Nothing showing on known good monitor.(Samsung SyncMaster 914v). yes. it is plugged in. the little green light is flashing.

I called customer service where I purchased the mobo and cpu. they said it seemed to be a ram problem. they confirmed the ram they sold me was compatible. we pulled ram, re-seated many times, changed the location etc. the tech guy said he didn't know any other tricks. He said I should call gigabyte support.

gigabyte walked me through the same procedure and then some. he was perplexed. He asked me if I had another CPU to try with the board. I did not. call ended.

After thinking about it, I did have another mobo I could try. Not nearly as nice (biostar) but it was compatible and has intergrated sound and graphics card. I did a bench test. Hmmm.....same issue. This time no sound and no monitor.

1cpu using 2 different mobo's. is this a bad cpu?

or suggestions.......


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  1. Short Answer, Yes.
  2. thanks. sometimes it really helps to get another opinion.

    have a great day.

    Elizabeth :bounce:
  3. try this way
    - check your PSU
    - check the CPU pins are bent or there may be exposed to thermal paste.
    - Are you using a USB or PS/2 mouse or keyboard? Your bios may not even load until the problem relating to input are fixed. If you are using PS/2 keyboard/mouse then unplug and check if the pins are straight (undamaged).

    - test it don't use HDD just mobo, CPU + speaker mobo (if you hear beep it means your CPU fine )
    - RAM in another slot you have 4 Slot use 1 Stick
    - maybe you need check it at other pc your friend , maybe ?
  4. ERRRR, hold on did you use the same RAM twice also?
    And are you certain your biostar is even compatable with your CPU, which model biostar is it?
  5. As long as the CPU is supported by both boards, and at some point you used known good ram, then its the CPU. Double check the ram somehow, and make sure the CPU is compatible with the second board. If both check out, its the CPU.
  6. This guy had the same problem, turned out to be the memory.

    I'd check the memory and any combination of Single Stick, Dual Channel on Bank A & B and any other combination in between to see if it's the memory itself, or a faulty motherboard.

    My money is on the Memory, which typically has the highest failure rate besides the power supply, compared to the CPU which has the lowest failure rate of any other component installed.
  7. Indeed in 10 years ive never had to RMA a CPU, now RAM and Motherboards is a different matter altogether.
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