Is my CPU too hot?

So my i5 2500 CPU has seemed to be running too hot. When it's idle it will sometimes run around the 60s, but when I run a game it spikes from 42 to 70 in seconds. The thing that worries me the most is this just started happening not two days ago. If this is normal could you please let me know. If its not then what should I do to fix it.


Edit - I'm also getting voltage warnings just a minute ago I didn't catch what it said but it was a warning.
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  1. Clean your computer out, if it is abnormally dusty etc. Or look into buying an aftermarket cooler for your CPU.
  2. Normally the pre-applied thermal paste on the stock heatsink works fine. I suggest removing the heatsink and clean out the thermal paste with [rubbing?] alcohol and a cloth [careful not to scratch]. Stock heatsink works well if you're not overclocking. If you are, get the hyper 212+ for $30 on newegg or mugen 2 for $40. Last suggestions are case fans. See if you have any installed to pull in/out air.
  3. I have 4 case fans and I'm not overclocking.
  4. How's your case fan set up. Did you properly seat in your heatsink? I suggest removing your heatsink > clean out old thermal paste > apply new layer > properly seat in heatsink > make sure fan connected to mobo > check if fan speeds when you power on. Front should be intake, rear/top exhaust. Side fan usually exhaust to help with hot air dumped out by GPU(s).
  5. What application are you using to read temp? Jumping between 42 and 70 doesn't seem right, if the HSF was just badly seated, you would probably get constantly high temps ...
  6. im using Asus suite II
  7. It came with my mobo
  8. Download Core Temp and check the temps with that as well. It might be because the Asus suite is having some errors.

    If both programs show nearly the same temps, you might want to invest in a aftermarket cooler.
  9. That is a normal operating range for that processor. Even the 40 c is normal idle. If you don't want it to go up so high, you will need a diff cpu cooler. But you are still within normal temp ranges so you are fine.
  10. Oh and for the voltage warnings. Make sure all of your mobo drivers are up to date and reset your bios. I actually suggest shutting your pc down, powering off then unplugging the power supply, and pulling the bios battery out of your mobo for at least 1 minute. Then put it back and reboot. (Don't forget to redo your bios if you made any changes originally). If that doesn't help update the bios if possible. You may have a bad board if none of that helps. Make sure there are no other programs attempting to change power settings or speeds. One thing you can do to help your temps with your current equipment is get some real thermal paste Arctic Silver 5 is one of the best. Just wipe of the stuff on there right now with rubbing alcohol, let it dry and spread on a extremely then layer of the thermal paste with an old credit card or something (plastic cards work best) Check out youtube for some instructional vids if you aren't comfortable yet.
  11. Asus mobo? Update to the latest NON-BETA BIOS. You'll notice a significant temps drop (10-15C for me, used to idle @42C, 29C now). Also, Intel stock cooler = fail, even if you're not overclocking.
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