Best AMD cpu for video editing/3d rendering? (amd x4 975 vs x6 1100t)

I am a video editor (programs like sony vegas, adobe after effects), but also a 3d designer (3ds max, cinema 4d). I currently have an amd athlon x4 635, and am looking to upgrade. I have an AM3 mobo, and it will support the two CPU's I listed in the topic.

Which should I pick?
Price doesnt matter, I can afford both.

Also, if you know any better AM3 CPU's tell me, as far as I know, these two are the best as far as cores & speeds (you could venture to say the other x6 cpu's are better than the x4, but the x4 has a larger clock speed, and I've heard the extra 2 cores are not so much needed).
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  1. The 1100t has more physical cores and an only slightly lower clock speed, resulting in far higher total computing power and higher efficiency in properly threaded apps. If the application is threaded and can thus take advantage of the extra cores, the 1100t will be a lot faster than the 975. For non-threaded apps, the difference will be minimal.

    Media productivity software tends to be amongst the best threaded software out there, so get the 1100t.
  2. Agree with Silmarunya , rendering / encoding video most use CPU .. it's mean more core and more hyperthread will faster and ofcourse high clock RAM , Phenom 1100 is good and faster than X4 975

    BUT ... but 3d designer (3ds max, cinema 4d) this soft different need VGA proffesional like Nvidia Quadro fx or AMD FirePro for Acccelarate.. VGA game also can use for it but very very slow slow and long time ... boring
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