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I just built a new computer basically identical to the Tom's Hardware March 2011 $2000 PC, the only differences are 16 gigs of ram and a DF 35 case.

Link for ease of access,2876.html

I'm having a strange issue issue where I turn it on and (randomly decides to power down then immediately start up again) -- consider that a recursive loop occurring anywhere between 0 and 4 times -- then it loads Windows and everything is wonderful. I say it's random because I can't find a method to the number of restarts. It doesn't seem to be a usage or heat based thing, when I restart after running for hours sometimes it will boot up the first time and sometimes it takes a few times. In a similar thread, after resting for a night and being booted up in the morning, it's up in the air for how many times it takes to turn on.

As of yet, I've never had an issue where it won't turn on within 30 seconds of this cycle but this seems to be a terrible omen of future issues.

So I'm looking for a more specialized response to my issue, I was thinking it might be a mobo problem and maybe I should get on RMA train?

Misc info:
I haven't had the computer crash on me randomly while working except for Crysis on an atikmpag.sys issue. I'm led to believe this is a common driver issue with Crysis in particular but I felt it worth mentioning.

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  1. Some more information, I believe the crashing is a crossfire or PSU issue at this point. I have a 1300 PSU that I'll swap in and see the results. Furthermore, I tested each card separately and they appear to both be functional and don't cause a crash on any of the games that crash while in Crossfire mode.
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